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personal care support worker sitting with elderly man

Dementia Home Care Services

A familiar face to make each day brighter

We get to know each individual and their family, establishing trust, which enables us to provide the best support possible.

personal care support worker sitting with elderly man

What is dementia care?

Dementia home care is a flexible service designed to help service users with everyday tasks, from help around the home to venturing outdoors.

At Safehands Healthcare, we understand that each person experiencing dementia is different, and as the condition develops, the care that is needed will adapt too. We create a tailored, person-centred support plan which involves the family and loved ones, so we can make sure that they are supported to live as close to their normal life as possible.

Our professional care staff take time to learn about each individual, their life story and what makes them unique, from how they like their tea, to their favourite photos and memories, what hobbies and pastimes they enjoy to their personal care routine. We help and support them to maintain their life skills and keep active, engaged and enjoying life.


Dealing with dementia at home

Discrete professional support when you need us

We take the time get to know you or your loved one, to provide the exact help you need

Maintaining a consistent routine is important and we help with this every day in the comfort of their own home. We also help to maintain their normal lifestyle outside of their home, whether that is popping out to get the newspaper, attending their clubs, meeting with friends or getting out for some gentle exercise and fresh air. Support plans are regularly reviewed so that we can ensure the right level of care and support is always provided.

Symptoms of dementia can include the following:

Loss of memory

Difficulty concentrating

Finding it hard to carry out familiar daily tasks

Finding it hard to follow a conversation

Getting confused

Having mood changes

The support you need
Our carers are matched with you, to seamlessly slot into everyday life.

We assess areas where your loved one might need additional support, as well as what they prefer to do themselves.

Our expert team will support each person with ways to cope which include:

• Practical strategies
• Social strategies
• Emotional Strategies
• Health improvement strategies