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Mental Health Home Care

Providing recovery-focused supported living

Using a recovery approach to support, we work collaboratively with the individual and their family to develop new skills and strategies that build resilience.


Quality 24-hour mental health home care

We believe everyone should be able to live as independently as possible

It can be challenging navigating care options for loved ones with complex mental health care needs, but our specialist support and recovery services enable people living with complex mental health to enjoy the freedom of supported living and lay foundations for a brighter future.

We assist people who have complex mental health care needs to find their feet within a safe and supported environment and adjust to living independently. Many individuals who have been living in hospitals or group residential units have thrived under our recovery approach, which guides individuals to work towards daily goals.


What will a mental health care plan look like?

Bespoke support when you need us

We take the time to get to know you, so our support is tailored to you.

A mental health care plan is shared with the family or support network with a strong focus on enhancing both health and mental wellbeing. Importance is also placed on integration and participation in the local community. We encourage individuals to access our day provision to enrich their lives through education, social skills, voluntary or paid work.

Outcomes can include:

Build confidence, self esteem and motivation

Working towards establishing a successful tenancy

Develop money management skills and support with securing personal finances

Access education, training, volunteering or employment

Active community participation and inclusion

Protection from harm

Recovering control and choice

Mental health support plans
Building for the future

We understand that mental health can affect everyone in very different ways, which is why we offer a bespoke support service.

Safehands Healthcare can provide support for individuals with mental health challenges in their own homes, or within specialist residential support facilities to enable our clients to recover and develop. Our mental health support plans are designed on a one to one basis, providing specialist support to suit a person’s individual requirements. Our goal is to support you in achieving independence on your road to recovery.


How does mental health coaching work?

Friendly and supportive coaches who constantly assess the level of support required

There are many different levels of support someone might need with mental health, and it is common for these to fluctuate over time.

You could require full-time support whilst working to overcome a particular mental health challenge, which could drop down to a few hours a week over time. We work as coaches to encourage change and improve lives. This can focus on many areas, such as improving physical health and self-care, building confidence and self-esteem, working to install trust and hope, working on valuable life skills, and improving relationships. We’re committed to proving the support for people to thrive.