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personal care support worker sitting with elderly man

Personal care

A safe pair of hands to make each day easier

If your loved one is struggling with day-to-day activities, personal care is a trusted option that provides the respectful assistance they require.

personal care support worker sitting with elderly man

What is personal care?

Personal care is a flexible service designed to help with everyday tasks, allowing your loved ones to maintain their dignity and independence.

Our highly trained carers assist with activities such as getting dressed, bathing, and going to the toilet. We know that many families might feel uncomfortable when carrying out some more intimate caring responsibilities, but personal care provides sensitive and discreet carers who carry out these tasks and make sure each day runs smoothly.

We encourage people to be as independent as they can be, whilst offering discreet support where needed.


Who does personal care suit?

Discrete professional support when you need us

We take the time get to know your loved one and find out what day-to-day assistance they need.

We tailor our approach so that we’re there to give a helping hand when your loved one needs it. Many people find personal care particularly useful in the morning to get them up and ready for the day ahead, and enjoy the boost in self-confidence that comes with good hygiene. The types of activities that are covered include:

Bathing and showering, including bed baths

Assistance using the bathroom or toilet

Maintaining a stoma or catheter bag

Dressing in the morning, and getting ready for bed in the evening

Daily activities such as cleaning teeth, shaving, applying make-up, and maintaining hygiene

Moving positions in bed to ease pain, stretch or prevent bed sores

Applying any creams for skincare and foot care

How is personal care organised?
Our carers are matched with you, to seamlessly slot into everyday life.

We assess areas where your loved one might need additional support, as well as what they prefer to do themselves.

We will usually assign multiple carers, ensuring you always have someone you know and trust nearby. These familiar faces will help to notice any changes in general health and carry out personal caring duties whenever they are needed. As part of your personal care plan, Safehands can also make suggestions for small adjustments to the home to improve accessibility and comfort. It’s important that personal care adds to the quality and enjoyment of each day so our carers go above and beyond from noting down what products your loved one uses to organising home visits.


Can you combine personal care with other types of care?

Personal care is a good entry point to find out what level of care your loved ones needs.

We have a number of care plans and solutions that can be totally tailored to your needs.

Our carers are able to help with a range of household duties, such as preparing meals, helping with chores, and administering medicines. If there is a change in your loved ones health and capabilities, our skilled carers are able to speak to family members about alternative options such as live-in care and 24-hour care services.