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companionship carer helping elderly woman cook

Companionship care and support

Friendly and flexible support to enhance your lifestyle

Companionship is a helping hand that allows people to live their life to the fullest, whilst feeling safe and enjoying great company.

companionship carer helping elderly woman cook

What is companionship care?

Everyone deserves someone to speak to and share moments with

Companionship services can offer a huge improvement in quality of life, and suit a wide variety of people who all have different reasons for utilising it.

Some people might experience loneliness or isolation, whereas others might need extra support in order to fully enjoy holidays, journeys to visit loved ones, a move to a new hometown or business trips. We understand that people might not have complex care needs but still require some assistance and company, particularly those who have experienced poor health, mobility issues, a bereavement or living alone, and even a lack of suitable public transport options restricting their opportunities to leave home and socialise.

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How do companionship services work?
Comfort, support and a familiar face

Life can be isolating, but our trusted carers are able to visit you or your loved one at home as often as you like.

Having a companion means having someone to make conversation with, reminisce about the past, and even open up about any worries or anxieties to a supportive ear. It can last for just an hour with a cup of tea and chat, or for longer periods of time. Companions will encourage you or your loved one to continue with hobbies and socialising, and can join in on trips to local attractions, visits to the theatre or cinema, and enjoying exercise like swimming or walking. Companions can also take the stress out of long journeys or trips abroad by providing physical and emotional support, leaving you or your loved one to enjoy a full and active life. Companionship services are completely tailored around an individual’s circumstances meaning the frequency and activities are completely down to you.


What else can companions do?

Helping you get the most out of your days

Companions are there to make your life easier and more enjoyable. They will help in any way they can.

Companions can run errands such as shopping, popping to the Post Office, and escorting you to doctors appointments or hospital visits. They are able to drive you or assist you on public transport and help with anything around the home such as light cleaning, cooking, and serving refreshments when you have company so that you’re free to socialise. A companion might be helpful for young adults with additional needs who are adjusting to new surroundings, such as University or a new home and require additional support.

How do we find the right companion?
Carefully vetted professional care staff

Having a companion can be a life-enhancing experience and we take the time to ensure you both click.

It can be daunting to welcome someone new into your life and home and take time to build up trust, but you can rest assured that Safehands carers are expertly trained and all fully vetted. We aim to introduce you to someone who has similar background or interests so there is common ground right from the start, and work with carers of all different ages in case you would prefer to work with someone in a particular age range. Our companionship services can be entirely shaped by you.