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complex carer providing care at home for young disabled boy

Complex Care Professionals

Person-centred complex care you can trust

We know that finding a person centred care specialist can be overwhelming. We make the transition as easy as possible by matching up highly skilled and professional carers with individuals who have a range of complex care needs.

complex carer providing care at home for young disabled boy

What is complex care?

Complex care is a specialist form of support for people with a chronic or long-term health condition.

People usually receive complex or person centred care because of chronic illness, disability or following treatment in hospital. Those with complex care needs require daily support on a long-term basis. A complex care provider will manage an individual’s symptoms and daily activities to enable a better quality of life. Many people assume this type of care can only be provided in a hospital or care home, but more and more families are choosing to receive this care in the calm and comforting setting of their own home.

What conditions can complex care support?

Complex care professionals are specially trained and can talk through developments and treatment plans so everyone is reassured that the best care is always being provided.

Our live-in care service for those requiring complex care is provided on a one-to-one basis resulting in a high quality, compassionate service that ensures an individual is able to live a fulfilling life and maintain their lifestyle choices, despite the limitations of their medical condition.

Our priority is enabling your loved one to live a fulfilling life with as much independence as their condition allows.


The complex care we provide is a solution for anyone with:

Complex health needs, e.g. epilepsy, respiratory problems, dysphagia and eating and drinking problems

Sensory processing difficulties and impairments

A Primary diagnosis of mental illness

Stepping down from and secure services

A minimum required support of 30 Hours each week

Poor or inappropriate ‘Coping behaviours’ which may present as challenge to those they come into contact with

High risk behaviours

Any form of physical disability that requires support

What should you expect from a complex care provider?
Peace of mind and reassurance

We understand that welcoming a new carer into your family can be a sensitive time.

You will usually be assigned two carers who will work on a two-week rotation. They will have the skills and training to meet your care and support needs, but we also make sure they are a good match for your family. Complex care needs can change over time and your care team will communicate any developments with complete transparency and openness. We are committed to ensuring our care is carried out with dignity and respect.

Who are our complex care professionals?
Carefully qualified to partner

We work with the best carers in the sector so that we can guarantee an excellent level of care and expertise.

All our carers receive comprehensive training which has been devised by clinical experts. We value our carers and invest in their learning so they gain new skills which will enhance the care they give. We have a well-earned reputation for comprehensive and compassionate care which we have built up over many years.


1. What is the cost of Complex Care?

If you are looking to enquire about a loved one or someone under your care we are here to help you find the right care plan.

Every person is unique and that’s why at Safehands healthcare we provide truly bespoke care plans depending on your requirements. Whether you need help acquiring funding for care, or a need emergency care support for a loved one, you are in Safehands now.

  • The cost of complex care

    The cost of our care services is calculated based on a full assessment of your loved ones needs. Our fees are fully inclusive and have no hidden charges, and includes access to on-call care managers. Our level of care gives you complete peace of mind that your loved one is receiving quality support.

  • How is complex care funded?

    In the UK some people with long-term complex health needs qualify for free social care arranged and funded by the NHS. This is called NHS Continuing Healthcare and is arranged through regional Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG’s). This care can take place in an NHS hospital, care home or people can choose to receive care at home.

    To be eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding for complex care, an individual will be assessed by a team of healthcare professionals. If your loved one is not eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding, families can seek means-tested funding through their local authority to cover all or some of the cost of care. Alternatively, they will need to privately fund the cost of care themselves.

  • How long does access to complex care last?

    Our bespoke care plans are flexible and we are able to adapt as circumstances change. We create care packages to suit the individual, so our care can be delivered on a temporary or ongoing basis. We have experience working on short-term support after a fall, an operation or a hospital stay, or longer-term conditions that require a higher level of care. We adapt our care to suit you.