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Call: 01782 692666  Or  Email us

support worker comforting elderly woman at home

Emergency Home Care

Expert care at home in a matter of hours

Care needs can change rapidly meaning you might need emergency home care at very short notice. Our fully trained live in carers have extensive training and are equipped to deal with complex needs at minimal notice. We hit the ground running without compromising on care.

support worker comforting elderly woman at home

Emergency home care within 24 hours

We know that life is unpredictable but having access to urgent home care is a constant reassurance.

Having fast access to reliable and trusted care in an emergency is such a comfort to individuals and their loved ones. We have an extensive network of emergency carers who can be with you at home in less than 24 hours. We understand how unsettling a sudden crisis can be, but our compassionate live in carers go above and beyond to put everyone’s mind at ease.

Who might need emergency home care?
Tailored support for your care requirements
Living with, or caring for someone with a complex health condition can be unpredictable. Each day can present new challenges and our challenge is being there for you.

There might have been an accident or illness that requires emergency home care, an unplanned hospital discharge, or you could have been let down by another carer. Safehands Healthcare can quickly provide a variety of home care services including but not limited to:

Live in home care

Nursing care

Transitional care

Urgent palliative care (end-of-life care)

Post-operative reablement care

Emergency carer replacements

Emergency care you can rely on
Peace of mind in a time of need

Our Emergency care workers are trained to deal with situations of all severity. This means you have a level headed professional carer there when you need support.

Whatever the circumstances, we can talk through your requirements on the phone, carry out a rapid assessment and often start care on the same day.  We respond quickly without compromising on the quality of care and take time to create a care plan that works for your loved one going forward.


Emergency care contact

Clear communication and comprehensive feedback, around the clock

When emergencies happen and you’ve had to react quickly, it can be frightening. Our team know how important it is to update loved ones, particularly those who live far away, and offer reassurance that excellent care is being provided. We work with nurses and carers who go above and beyond to ensure that families and support networks are kept updated with any developments. Our highly trained team is available 24/7 and can support a range of complex needs, so you know that you are always in safe hands.