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What is Emergency Homecare


Many people are now opting for care services at home rather than traditional nursing homes. As we all know, life can be unpredictable and sometimes circumstances can change at short notice. If your loved one requires immediate, urgent care to continue living at home, they may benefit from emergency homecare.

In this article, we discuss all things emergency homecare, including helpful definitions and who may benefit from this service.

The Definition of Emergency Homecare

Emergency homecare is a type of care given to those in urgent need of support with daily life at home. This care is provided at short notice within an individual’s home, and can be in response to an unexpected change in circumstances.

Emergency homecare includes 24-hour live in care services for vulnerable individuals. This care can be short term or long term. Support with tasks such as shopping, housework, and medication management can be provided. The service provides total peace of mind by enabling individuals to live independently at home.

Who Needs Emergency Homecare?

There are many different scenarios that may require emergency home care services. This type of care is highly beneficial to elderly people, as it removes the need for stressful moves to a residential or nursing home. 

If you’ve had an accident, sudden illness or have recently been discharged from hospital, you may require a short period of emergency homecare to help you get back on your feet. Your regular caregiver may have suddenly become ill or needs a break from their responsibilities, meaning care is required at short notice. Perhaps you’ve been let down by your current care provider and still require specialist care, or you need urgent palliative care to live your final days at home.

Whatever the reason, it’s worth exploring whether emergency care at home is right for your family member.

What Does Emergency Homecare Provide?

Personal Care

This covers any duties that help maintain an individual’s personal hygiene and appearance. Typical personal care tasks include washing, dressing, grooming, and going to the toilet.

Household Chores

Emergency homecare involves making sure that any daily domestic household tasks are completed. This could include cleaning, washing up, vacuuming, laundry and ironing.

Preparing Meals

Emergency live-in carers can help to plan, shop for, prepare and cook meals according to any dietary requirements and personal preferences. They will ensure you eat at a consistent time each day, causing minimal disruption to routine.


An emergency home carer will be on hand to provide companionship throughout the day. Whether you need somebody to talk to and offer reassurance, or just want a quick chat over a cup of tea, a live-in carer can provide all this and more.


Emergency homecare helps individuals to live independently at home, which includes maintaining any hobbies and interests. A carer can offer assistance when meeting friends and family, and attending any social events within the local community.

Medication Management

All emergency homecare staff will be fully trained to administer medications, ensuring for total continuity of care. They can also accompany you to medical appointments and liaise with other medical professionals on your behalf.

Specialist Care

If you’re living with a debilitating condition such as cancer, dementia, Parkinson’s or Multiple Sclerosis, an emergency homecare worker can provide you with any specialist care and support you may require.

Safehands Healthcare: Your Emergency Home Carers

If your loved one requires emergency homecare at short notice, Safehands Healthcare can help. Our fully qualified emergency home carers have extensive training and are equipped to deal with situations of all severity. Our emergency homecare services can be provided in as little as 24 hours, allowing your loved one to continue living in the comfort of their own home for as long as possible.

Contact us today for emergency homecare you can rely on.

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