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How to Prepare for Independent-Supported Living


Moving towards independent-supported living can be a life changing experience that significantly enhances the quality of life for individuals facing challenges in coping at home alone. This service is designed for those who prefer not to reside in residential care but require additional support to manage daily life effectively.

At Safehands, we recognise the diversity in the needs of individuals seeking independent-supported living and are committed to tailoring our support to meet these unique requirements. Here, we outline essential steps to prepare for this empowering shift, ensuring a smoother transition and a fulfilling life ahead.

Understand the Benefits of Supported Living

There are many benefits of independent-supported living the main being to uplift the quality of life for individuals. This service offers a unique blend of independence and support, enabling you to live on your terms while receiving the necessary assistance to manage daily tasks. Whether it’s learning disabilities, autism, acquired brain injury, mental health difficulties, physical disabilities, or the need for rehabilitation support, supported living is a great adaptable way to gain independence for those who want it.

Know What to Expect

Transitioning to supported living marks a positive stride towards independence. It’s an opportunity to look forward to a future filled with possibilities and enhanced self-confidence and self-esteem. 

Our approach includes setting clear, achievable goals tailored to each person’s capabilities and aspirations. From mastering daily living skills like cooking to exploring opportunities in work and volunteering, Safehands is committed to supporting individuals in achieving more within their comfort zones.

Have a plan in place

Planning is crucial when transitioning to independent-supported living. This involves discussing preferences regarding supported living accommodation, such as living in a flat or sharing a house with others who have similar needs. 

Safehands ensures that living arrangements are not only safe and comfortable but also conveniently located near shops, facilities, and public transport links. Our team dedicates time to understanding each individual’s needs to find the perfect setting, constantly reviewing accommodations to adapt to evolving requirements.

It’s okay to be nervous

Feeling nervous about this new chapter is natural. It signifies the beginning of a significant change. Recognising these feelings as a normal part of the transition can help in embracing the journey with an open mind. 

Strong relationships between the resident, family members, and supported living carers ensure a collective effort to make the transition as smooth as possible.

It Takes Time to Adjust

Adjustment to independent-supported living doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a gradual process that requires patience and persistence. Ensure that there is emotional and physical support every step of the way, from the initial move to settling in and beyond. 

Our team is always available to provide guidance, helping individuals make the most of their days and live happy lives on their own terms.

Preparing for independent-supported living is about understanding the benefits and setting realistic expectations. Safehands is dedicated to supporting individuals on their journey to living more independently, offering tailored assistance that empowers them to make their own choices and live a fulfilling life. 

If you or your loved one are considering this step, Safehands is here to guide you through the process, ensuring a transition that is as smooth and rewarding as possible. Speak to one of our specialist advisors to learn more about how independent-supported living can help your loved one.

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