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How to Choose an Emergency Home Care Provider


Does your loved one need urgent support at home? Have they suffered a sudden illness or accident and can no longer cope alone? Emergency home care could be the perfect solution for family members who need specialist support quickly.

There are many emergency home care providers available, it can be difficult to find one that fits your needs. In this guide, we discuss the crucial factors you should consider before hiring an at home care provider.

What is Emergency Home Care and Who is it For?

Emergency home care is a fast and responsive service for people in urgent need of support with daily life at home. It is offered in emergency scenarios such as an unexpected illness, recent injury or the sudden deterioration of an existing health condition. It can also be offered if the primary caregiver suddenly becomes ill or needs to take some time off.

Emergency home care allows individuals to continue living independently in their home whilst gaining access to 24-hour specialist care. A designated carer will live in the individual’s home and provide personalised support services.

Top Tips for Choosing an Emergency Home Care Service Provider

Determine Your Individual Needs

The first step to choosing an emergency home care provider is to determine your needs and preferences. It’s vitally important to be honest about your condition and how long you might need assistance for. 

The more information a care provider has about your situation, the better they will be at matching you with carers. For example, a person with cancer or recovering from a stroke may need specialised care. On the other hand, an elderly person may only need help with daily household tasks. 

Decide on a Clear Budget

The cost of emergency care can differ greatly depending on the needs of the individual. The Money Advice Service reported that the cost of live-in care typically ranges from £650-£1600 per week. Depending on your situation, you may be eligible for financial support from your local authority.

It’s important to discuss this with a home care service provider early on. This will give you a clear understanding of the costs involved and whether they offer any payment plans. You can then work out a suitable personal budget and begin to narrow down your search.

Assess the Company’s Reputation

Choose a home care provider with a good reputation and extensive experience in emergency live-in care.  Check whether they are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) or an alternative regulator. This will confirm whether the company consistently provides care of a high standard.

Have a read over some customer reviews and look at their social media platforms to see what values are important to them. If the business has won any care awards, this is a sure sign of excellence.

Ensure All Carers are Fully Qualified

Once you match with a live-in carer, take some time to ensure that they possess the right skills and qualifications to suit your needs.  Ask the provider if their carers have the necessary qualifications and training to support your loved one i.e. the Care Certificate.

If the carer has supported somebody else with similar needs, they are more likely to understand what type of assistance is required. For example, if your loved one has dementia, it’s a good idea to choose a carer who has experience with caring for dementia sufferers.

Communicate With All Relevant Parties

Communication is key for successful emergency home care. Transitioning to emergency live-in care can be a huge adjustment, so it’s vital to communicate effectively every step of the way.

Ask the home care service provider how they communicate with clients and their family members on an ongoing basis. For example, do they provide regular reports? Are they open and honest with family members about the individual’s progress? This can help you decipher which at home care provider will be best for you and your family.

Choose Emergency Home Care from Safehands Healthcare

Safehands Healthcare offers emergency care at home in just a matter of hours. Our extensive network of emergency carers are well equipped to deal with complex care needs at little notice, providing you with total peace of mind. Contact us today to discuss your emergency home care needs.

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